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Central West Aboriginal Corporation

Working Towards a Brighter Future

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The Central West Aboriginal Corporation (CWAC) is an incorporated not for profit organisation with its head office in Ash Street, Barcaldine, Queensland. Founded in 1976, the CWAC has been active in supporting a range of activities that contribute to the well being of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Central West community.

The CWAC is proud of its three facilities. The first of which is the head office showcasing local Indigenous arts and crafts. The second is the Clydesdale Farm (Our Spirit Place) located on the Alice River. The farm is used for cultural education, camping and tourism activities. The third is the Red Shed located in Boree Street, a Cultural, Sports and Training Centre. This is where locally hand made ceramics, artefacts and paintings are produced. All artwork is original and hand painted by local Indigenous artists.


Who We Are


Our Story

Through the diligent efforts of Mrs. Beryl Thompson and her husband, the late Mr. Roy Thompson, the CWAC was established in 1976 and become incorporated in 1979. Early meetings were hosted by the Thompson’s at their home in Maple Street Barcaldine on the front lawn. Indigenous people from Emerald, Alpha, Blackall, Longreach, and Winton were all founding members of the CWAC. Over the years the CWAC has acquired a number of rental houses, an office, a workshop, and a small farm. Following the model set by the CWAC, the townships of Winton, Longreach, and Emerald have registered Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organizations.

The Central West Aboriginal Corporation (CWAC) would like to acknowledge the traditional owners, the Iningai people. As no Iningai descendants currently reside in the Central West region today, cultural responsibilities have been passed on to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders who have been in the area for generations and accepted as custodians.

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