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Ceramics Workshop

On (date) of (month), the community and Central West Aboriginal Cooperation (CWAC) created beautiful ceramics out at the Red Shed, Barcaldine. From pots, to vases, to plates, all types of creations were made entirely by hand under the guidance of (names). After sculpting the ceramics from clay(?), our team then set out to firing them. Afterwards, we sanded them under the tree outside, enjoying the scenery and the great fun our team created.

Every pot and vase is entirely unique, with each piece a personal creation from those that attended our workshop. Everyone who attended, from beginners to experts, were welcomed to join us. Although we differed in our experience with ceramics, all who attended received the value of the workshop; new knowledge, great fun, and an awesome day with a great community. If you're interested in joining us here at CWAC for another one of our community driven workshops, please contact us at (07) 4651 1226 or peruse our website to find out more about the opportunities we offer.

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