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Community Art exhibition

Here at Central West Aboriginal Cooperation (CWAC) we offer a range of amazing opportunities for our community to get involved in. One of them was to create indigenous pieces of art for an exhibition at (location). The exhibition was, without a doubt, one of the many exciting opportunities we've hosted. In our very own town of Barcaldine, we as a community came together to create wonderful pieces of indigenous art to be displayed at (location). Visitors, both locally and from out of town, came to witness the vibrant stories and symbols that we preserve through our art.

Celebrating our culture is a wonderful activity that the whole community can engage in, and the exhibition was a great way to do just that. From establishing local artists with community networks, to displaying and commemorating their incredible work, this project was an amazing show of Barcaldine unity. If you're interested in seeing some of the artwork that was on display at the exhibition, you can at our office on 83 Ash Street, Barcaldine. If you'd like to learn about more opportunities CWAC has to offer our community, contact us at (07) 4651 1226 or check out our Workshop/Activity page.

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